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PCS Seaport-e Tasking and Quality Assurance Program

PioneerPCS has designated Purna Dokku Seaport-e Program Manager, whose duties in this regard will include responding to all relevant SeaPort-e tasking in the areas of technical approach, staffing, and delivery. He will designate subcontractor(s) tasking, as necessary, ensuring that compliant subcontract agreement(s) are in place with applicable flow-down provisions, including SLAs, derived from the prime SeaPort-e contract and Project requirements. He will assign the selected PCS Project Manager to any resulting SeaPort-e tasking and certify that the work statement and requirements are clearly identified and fully comprehended. He will ensure that a detailed project schedule and budget are generated, with appropriate reviews, reports, and deliverables identified. He will also conduct weekly management review meetings to ensure schedule, budget, and SLA compliance. In addition, the PCS Program Manager will monitor all project and subcontract activity through PCS’s on-line management information system and will regularly attend meetings with SeaPort-e contract and technical personnel to review PCS performance, benchmarks and progress. Mr. Dokku will maintain total authority to commit PCS company resources in support of the SeaPort-e contract.

Each teaming member company will assign and designate a Task Manager who will be mandated to report directly to PCS’s Seaport-e Program Manager, for all aspects of his/her assigned task(s). He/she will have the authority and responsibility to plan, schedule, budget, staff, manage, monitor, and ensure the quality for assigned SeaPort-e tasks. This will include ensuring that PCS and the subcontractor(s) workforce levels and qualifications meet the needs of the task and are appropriate to tasking requirements, that project schedule milestones, targets and SLAs are being met, and that tasking budgets are met. He/she will be directly responsible for maintaining the quality, quantity, training level, expertise, and stability of the PCS and subcontractor(s) staff. He/she will have full authority to make changes in staffing in the best interest of the task performance in mind. He/she will, with the assistance and advice of the PCS Quality Representative, ensure that tasking processes and procedures, emergent additions, and/or modification to these procedures adhere to Quality Control System. Special attention will be given to the Continuous Improvement provisions of the Quality Control System. He/she will ensure that tasking data and performance data is entered and maintained in the appropriate module(s) of PCS’s automated management system, with appropriate automated and manual problem escalation procedures in place. He/she will also arrange for on-line and hard copy reports to be developed, maintained accurately, and delivered to designated Government personnel in accordance with the task schedule. He/she will prepare for and attend progress meetings and conduct other ad-hoc liaison with Government technical and contract personnel as required and/or requested.